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LEED Certification
Energy Star Certification

Leed Certification

We are experts on LEED Certification
This is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high performance, sustainable buildings. It is a building rating system.

There are LEED certifications of various levels of efficiencies for sustainability, energy and water efficiencies, and indoor air quality. The levels of certification are – Certified (lowest level), Silver, Gold and Platinum (highest level).

These certifications are available for New Construction, Existing Building, Core & Shell, and Energy Star.

More than half of the credits are dependent on the building’s installed mechanical and electrical system. Aquarius Consulting Group has LEED certified and CEM qualified professionals that have experience in successful LEED Certification.

Aquarius Consulting Group takes a leadership position in working with the client project’s other professionals, architects, site engineers, etc. in order to attain the maximum point score for the highest level of accreditation by the LEED program.

Aquarius Consulting Group uses expert computer simulations to model various design options. These models reveal their potential for energy savings performance.

Of course, as in all investment options, a building needs to be cost effective; it is an investment. Aquarius Consulting Group tests each option against its cost implementation. In the final analysis the ROI (Return on Investment) is what most clients want to know. Aquarius Consulting Group prepares these figures as part of their system selection (recommended) for any specific building.

Case in point:

Aquarius Consulting Group provided the LEED certification staff with a building energy performance simulation (computerized) that was credited with two (2) additional credits over the original energy simulation. This extra effort and expert application proved to be critical to the building’s certification. How? The LEED certifying person disallowed two (2) credit points that were part of the sustainable site and material & resources presentation (Architect & Site Engineer).

The following is an optional system modeling that Aquarius Consulting Group provides for any typical building project:

High Performance Design

Energy Star Certification

Energy Star

Energy Star is a voluntary partnership between business and government. A partnership which provides an established framework to promote the environmental and financial benefits of improved energy performance.

Eligibility for Energy Star requires that at least 50% of the available space is used for its primary type of use selected by the Portfolio Manager Application, e.g. school, offices, etc.

Energy Star Labels can be obtained for a building if the score is 75 or greater. This is an energy system utilization performance rating that needs to be administered through a Portfolio Manager. The building’s performance energy consumption needs to be traced; noting weather, hours, occupant density and plugged loads.

Benchmarks for comparison need to be established comparing similar buildings in the national stock. The building energy consumption needs to be tracked over time to monitor progress.