Government and Utility Incentives

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Federal Tax Incentives
State – New Jersey Energy Master Plan
Utilities – New Jersey Smart Start Buildings

Federal Tax Incentives
The Energy Policy Act of 2005 – Energy Efficiency Requirement and Tax Incentive offers a clear path to help building owners obtain federal tax credits which can be directly subtracted from the total tax liability. This means that “credit” rather than a “deduction” can be 3 times or more advantageous to the taxpayer’s bottom line.

For example, a tax credit of $1,000 in the 25% tax bracket is equivalent to a tax deduction of $3,571.

The provisions in the tax bill can mean $1.80 per square foot for commercial building that can achieve a 50% reduction in annual energy cost for heating/cooling, lighting and water heating. Each of the three energy using systems of the building are eligible for one-third of the incentive if it meets its share of the whole building saving goal.

State – New Jersey Energy Master Plan & Aquarius Consulting Group
A new energy code where new buildings are at least 30% more energy efficient than the current code will be adopted. This indicates a commitment by the state of New Jersey to excel in the arena of energy conservation. Aquarius Consulting Group is organized to meet this challenge today. Our team of experts are ready now to implement workable mechanical and electrical systems that will meet and/or exceed these codes.

Aquarius Consulting Group has designed a solar photovoltaic system for IEEE and others to meet this challenge.

New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP) promotes increased energy efficiency and renewable energy by offering financial incentives, programs and services. For commercial and industrial buildings, Aquarius Consulting Group is ready willing and able to help. Our clients obtain the financial support to existing and new projects.

The NJCEP is funded through a charge that is included in the NJ gas & electric utilities customers’ bills. The fund has a budget of approximately $260 million.

For commercial buildings the ongoing programs are:

  • Smart Start
  • Pay for Performance
  • Local Government Energy Audits
  • Combine Heat and Power
  • Direct Install


New Jersey Energy Saving Improvement Program (ESIP) allows a board of education to implement energy saving measures and retrofits when the energy savings will cover the cost of energy conservation measures.

Utilities – New Jersey Smart Start Buildings

Government Rebate Incentive Program

New Jersey’s Smart Start program is a rebate incentive program supported and promoted by New Jersey’s electric and gas utilities.

The program also offers design support for new large buildings. The incentive offers rebate monies to the building owner to help offset the higher cost for high efficiency equipment versus lesser efficient equipment.

The program also offers incentive rebates for heat recovery systems (Desiccant) as well as ground source heat pumps and gas driven cooling equipment.