The most outstanding feature of the group is the experience that each of our team members brings to the projects which Aquarius Consulting Group has been commissioned to perform.

Aquarius Consulting Group comprises some of the most experienced engineering professionals in the industry in the following disciplines:

Cost Effective Solutions


Aquarius Consulting Group (ACG) has worked closely with architects and developers on over 1,000 projects for more than three decades. Cost efficiencies in any project begin with design. Our experience in clearly understanding the construction and operation objectives provides the foundation for a profitable MEP strategy.

Our collaborative design efforts further maximize MEP efficiencies.


Great designs always take into consideration the ongoing operating and maintenance costs of a project.  Often the greatest cost efficiencies in design are those that are manifested once the building is in operation. We incorporate the technologies to benchmark and identify trends so that retrocommissioning measures can be implemented and the installed systems can continuously perform at the highest possible efficiency over the building’s lifetime.  Aquarius Consulting Group focuses its design solutions and maintenance optimization strategies on making the MEP portion of a project deliver profitably.


Time is money. Every project has unforeseen variables that may impact the most well planned timeline.  Aquarius Consulting Group is quite familiar with working with dynamic environments and deadlines. Over the years we at Aquarius Consulting Group have developed specific processes to foster strong communications that ensure a timely delivery of a project.

Improving Your Bottom Line

ACG understands that MEP design, construction, and ongoing operating and maintenance costs can all impact a project’s bottom line.  A well-conceived MEP plan seeks to maximize functionality with a careful eye on cost effectiveness.

Build it economically with designs that last.