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Project Types & Partial Project Listing

Our designs have withstood the test of time and include a wide variety of facilities. Aquarius Consulting Group is proficient in providing complete Engineering Services, from initial studies and estimates through Design and Construction Supervision for the following project types:

  1. Corporate Office Buildings
  2. County and Municipal Facilities
  3. Tenant Office Space – Renovation
  4. Apartment Buildings
  5. Senior Citizen Housing Complexes
  6. Industrial Production Plants & Commercial Laboratories
  7. Theaters and T.V. Studios
  8. Industrial Parks
  9. Department Stores & Supermarkets
  10. Nursing Homes
  11. Houses of Worship & Religious Schools
  12. Funeral Homes
  13. Hotels and Motels
  14. Restaurants – Commercial Kitchens
  15. Health Care Facilities
  16. Indoor Swimming Pools
  17. Banks
  18. Community Centers
  19. Educational Facilities
  20. Renewable Energy


Partial Project List:

Corporate Office Buildings:

Port Authority Of New York And New Jersey Technical Center

  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Client: Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Converting a 350,000 sq. ft., 3-story warehouse building to a multi-use building. Our engineers designed complete mechanical and electrical systems in 1984-1985. Today, we are still upgrading the same building as occupancy requirements keep changing.

The building contains offices, laboratories, heavy vehicles, garage facilities, police center, firing range, classrooms, auditorium, print and carpentry shops.

AT&T Information Center

  • Middletown, New Jersey
  • Client: Sudler Construction Company

This five-story 800,000 sq. ft. multi-use facility houses office, computer center, laboratories, cafeteria and auditorium requiring high reliability cooling (2,475 tons) and electrical systems.

Bell Core

  • Piscataway, New Jersey
  • Client: Sudler Construction Company

Three buildings in Corporate Park 287 totaling over 1,000,000 sq. ft. The buildings provide multi-function purposes, including: electronic data centers, atrium, specialized office space. Systems including fiber-optic data and telephone lines, and energy management system.

Great emphasis was given to energy conservation features.

Newport I – Recruit U.S.A. – Computer Facilities

  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Client: LeFrak Organization

Overlooking New York’s skyline, the LeFrak Organization constructed the 11-story facility, later sold it to Recruit, U.S.A., a Japanese accounting/management firm.

Our initial design was for a speculative office building that included water cooled, floor mounted variable volume units.

Later, the mechanical and electrical systems were upgraded to meet the needs of Recruit U.S.A.

The design was supplemented with additional cooling towers, roof mounted auxiliary power generators and U.P.S. systems.

Fiber-optic data and telephone lines were added.

Newport Center II

  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Client: Edward Larrabee/John M.Y. Lee, Architects

Designed with Edward Larrabee/John M.Y. Lee, architects for the LeFrak Organization after the successful implementation and construction of Newport I. This 18-story, 750,000 sq. ft. speculative office building is to designed to sustain high density electrical internal loading, high voltage distribution system with substations located at ground and roof levels.

The air conditioning system design was based on floor mounted water cooled variable air units located in specially designed acoustical worthy mechanical rooms on each floor. Cooling towers were roof mounted with auxiliary systems capable of providing 24-house cooling for equipment that required round-the-clock operation, while the rest of the building is unoccupied.

Steiner Equities – Office Building

  • Bridgewater, New Jersey
  • Client: Steiner Equities / Architect: Barrett A. Ginsburg

This five story class “A” 80,000 sqft office tower was built as a core and shell building design to service a variety of potential future tenants.

Executive Plaza IV

  • Suffern, New York
  • Client: Lynmark Group

This 74,000 sqft office building was designed as a core and shell building. Later, the building was occupied by multiple tenants with various requirements. There were offices for doctors, dentists, accountants, etc.

Klick Corp

  • Suffren, New York
  • Client: Lynmark Enterprises

Corporate center for banking support including a data center, sorting of mail, scanning and general office.

County and Municipal Facilities:

Middlesex County – Public Safety Building

  • New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Client: Rothe Johnson Fantacone, Architecture

This is a 105,000 sqft county public safety building that was designed as a core and shell building by Aquarius Consulting Group suitable for the housing of the county’s law enforcement groups. The building also has a 2 level underground garage.

Middlesex County – County Administration Building

  • New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Client: Rothe Johnson Fantacone, Architecture

Aquarius Consulting Group designed this five-story office building as a core and shell project, suitable for housing of the county’s administration staff.

Justice Complex

  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Client: Triangle Plumbing Co/. Architect – DMR Architects

Aquarius Consulting Group designed the plumbing systems for public courts, holding cells, and public area at this 60,000 sqft 3 level structure for the contractor Triangle Plumbing, Co.

Ringwood Public Library

  • Ringwood, New Jersey
  • Client: The Hessberger Partnership, Architects

New library facilities, 14000 sqft with reading areas and meeting rooms.

South Orange Fire House

  • South Orange, New Jersey
  • Client: Dennis Mylan, Architect

A complete renovation and addition to the historic firehouse. Renovation includes a central vehicle exhaust system, kitchen, dormitory, and fire truck bays.

Randolph Fire House

  • Randolph, New Jersey
  • Client: The Hessberger Partnership, Architects

New fire house facilities for fire trucks, kitchen, and multipurpose room.

New Brunswick Municipal Garage

  • Client: J.S.L. Professionals
  • New Brunswick, New Jersey

City municipal repair and storage garage for municipal vehicles.

Ridgefield Park Municipal Garage

  • Ridgefield, New Jersey
  • Client: Fredric Rosen, Architect

City municipal repair, vehicle wash, and storage garage for municipal vehicles.

Lakewood Municipal Building and Police Center

  • Lakewood, New Jersey
  • Client: Morgan Davis, Architect.

Two story, 65,000 sq. ft., municipal and police station facilities that also include a municipal court area.

Hudson County Correctional Center

  • Kearny, New Jersey
  • Client: Arthur L. Davis, Architect.

Renovation to the mechanical and electrical system for prisoner holding cells.

Prisoner video and teleconferencing area with Hudson County court facilities.

Prisoner record area and new laundry facilities.

Leroy Smith Jr. Public Safety Building

  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Client: Comito Associates

Conversion of existing 140,000 square feet of (Essex) county jail facility to a high performance office and storage facility.

Tenant Office Space – Renovation:

Prudential Securities

  • Edison, New Jersey
  • Client: M. Alfieri Co. Inc. at Metro Park

Renovation of 13,500 sqft for high end occupancy in an existing high rise office building. Facilities included new data room and kitchen.

McCarter and English Law Offices – Gateway II

  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Client: George Kimmerle Associates, Architects

Renovated existing building facilities with new mechanical and electrical system to serve the needs of this large law firm. The area of renovation was 9,000 sq. ft. to house lawyers and support personnel. New air conditioning system was designed as well as electrical system including advanced communication system.

Chubb & Son, Inc.

  • 100 William Street, New York, New York
  • Client: Chubb & Son, Inc.

Renovation of the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th floors. Complete HVAC, Electrical, Lighting and Power renovation of 5 (five) floors, including cafeteria. Total area involved was 80,000 sq. ft. Work included reutilizing base building HVAC System and new Power and Lighting distribution. A 50 (fifty) person Audio Video Presentation Room was included with its own new Air Conditioning System and Audio Video Systems.

Offices for Simon & Schuster

  • 1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, New York
  • Client: Charles H. Winecoff Associates

Renovation of the 10th and 12th floors consisting of 41,000 sq. ft. Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Design included Variable Volume High Pressure Systems, Low Pressure and Supplemental Air Conditioning, Process Plumbing and Electrical Design.

Air France Reservation Office

  • 888 7the Avenue, New York, New York
  • Client: Air France

This reservation office function required computer rooms, special telephone equipment and CRT terminals in the reservation room. Total area involved was 11,000 sq. ft. Supplementary Air Conditioning was installed for the computer rooms, telephone equipment room and reservation office.

Apartment Buildings


  • Fort Lee, New Jersey
  • Client: Eugene A. DeMartin and James DiBarieri, Architects

The “ATRIUM” is an 18-stories, 270 condominium development with a spectacular atrium. The building overlooks the New York skyline. The design of this building created a milestone in our firms history.

The Mechanical system utilizes vertical water source heat pumps. The smoke and evacuation system is totally computerized. Our firm was responsible for the complete design of all the Mechanical and Electrical systems for this project.

Mediterranean Towers West

  • Fort Lee, New Jersey
  • Client: Eugene A. DeMartin, Architect

A high rise apartment building, 26-stories, 516 apartments. Two ground levels containing building services, mechanical rooms and a supermarket. Three levels of garage space and a recreation deck including a swimming pool and tennis facility. Building is designed with vertical fan coil units with bypass damper for fuel conservation and economy construction. Refrigeration for Air Conditioning – two absorption chillers, 490 tons each. Three steam boilers 250 HP each. Indoor and Outdoor water temperature scheduling for energy conservation.

Ivanhoe Apartments

  • Hackensack, New York
  • Client: Eugene A. DeMartin, Architect

A high rise apartment building, 24-stories, 200 apartments. 330 tons of cooling in the form of packaged Air Conditioning terminal units. Three levels of garage and a recreation deck. Emphasis was placed on tight construction schedule (start of construction 07/72 – topped out 11/72).

Briarcliff Apartments

  • Cliffside Park, New Jersey
  • Client: Eugene A. DeMartin, Architect

A high rise apartment building, 28-stories, 340 apartments. Packaged air conditioning terminal units. Two levels of building facilities and mechanical rooms. Three levels of garage and a recreation deck consisting of swimming pools, tennis courts and club facilities. Special corridor ventilation designed to offset stack effect throughout the building for energy conservation.

Excelsior Towers I & II

  • Hackensack, New Jersey
  • Client: Harold Kent, Archtiect

Two apartment towers with over 400 apartments linked by a state of the art health club and a major restaurant complex.

Mount Olive Manor

  • Mt. Olive, New Jersey
  • Client: James E. DeBarbieri, AIA

A three story building with 61 senior citizen housing apartments, HUD projects, No. 31-EH-240

Westwood House

  • Westwood, New Jersey
  • Client: James E. DeBarbieri, AIA

Seven story senior citizen housing project financed by HUD/ constructed by Jack Parker Construction.

Orange Park Apartment

  • Orange, New Jersey
  • Client: Eugene A. DeMartin, AIA

Twelve story structure containing 143 apartments for senior citizens occupants. Constructed by Jack Parker Construction with N.J.F.A. financing.

South Ave Westfield Commercial & Apartment Development

  • Westfield, New Jersey
  • Client: Roger Winkle, Architect

Ground level bank and commercial rental space, a total of 5100 square feet, two stories of family style rentals, containing twelve apartments.

154 – 158 Newark Ave Apartment Complex

  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Client: Y.H. Cheung, Architect

Four stories of renovated apartment spaces. Ground level development for commercial space. Apartments with individual H.V.A.C. system. Central domestic hot water system.

Mediterranean House

  • Fort Lee, New Jersey
  • Client: Eugene A. DeMartin, Architect

Nineteen story apartment building with 306 apartments constructed by Ingamamort – LaSala Financial by HUD.

Mount Arlington Apartment Towers

  • Mount Arlington, New Jersey
  • Client: Atkins Development Co. – Architect: Klett Organization, Architects

Two apartment tower complexes with a recreation center connecting the towers. The complex contains 182 apartments.

Lincoln Plaza

  • Westfield, New Jersey
  • Client: Vincentsen Associates, Architects

Centrally located alteration project for high-end condominium units on top of existing bank. Each unit with its own utilities and innovative hot water system for domestic as well as heating operational requirements.

Senior Citizen Housing Complexes

Englewood Senior Citizens Housing

  • Englewood, New Jersey
  • Client: Arthur L. Davis, Architect

Low rise FHA housing project consisting of 150-apartments and eight townhouses. Project included special leisure and playground facilities and special site drainage system. Two 100 HP hot water boilers for heating and provisions for through-the-wall type air conditioners.

Corrinthian Housing

  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Client: Johnson Jones Architects

Mechanical and electrical design services for a multi-level housing facility including retail and community room. Specifying a renewable energy photovoltaic solar assist system and obtaining state approval for rebate funding.

Various Locations

  • New Jersey
  • Clients: A.T. Pancani, Architect, Y.H. Cheung, Architect

Ralph Rubinstein had designed many of the Senior Citizens Housing in the State of New Jersey. Professional services included H.V.A.C., plumbing, fire protection in all and in some, electrical engineering services were included. The following are the project listings:

  • Jewish Federation Tower – Irvington, New Jersey
  • Nutley Senior Citizens – Nutley, New Jersey
  • Columbian Tower – Hoboken, New Jersey (High Rise)
  • Al Gomer Residence – South Orange, New Jersey
  • Columbian Arms – Hoboken, New Jersey
  • West Kinney Street Apartments – Newark, New Jersey
  • Senior Citizens Residents – Lincroft, New Jersey
  • Senior Citizens Housing – Union, New Jersey
  • Senior Citizens Housing #2 – West Orange, New Jersey
  • Summit House Condominiums – West Orange, New Jersey
  • Senior Citizens Residents – Eatontown, New Jersey
  • Marian Manor – Caldwell, New Jersey
  • Senior Citizen Housing – Neptune, New Jersey (High Rise)
  • Senior Citizen Residents – Westfield, New Jersey
  • Senior Citizens Residents #1 – West Orange, New Jersey
  • Senior Citizens Residents – Metuchen, New Jersey

Industrial Production Plants & Commercial Laboratories

BOC Technology Center

  • New Providence, New Jersey
  • Client: The Hessberger Partnership

A laboratory center with three different types of commercial chemical and food laboratories located in a total of 30,000 sqft areas. Special exhaust requirement as well as a narrow deviation temperature requirement. Process piping for liquid gases and other special systems.

WITCO Chemical Company, Isoeyantate Product Division

  • New Castle, Delaware
  • Client: Witco Chemical Company

Manufacturing, laboratory and office facilities consisting of 50,000 sq.ft. Heat pump system with supplementary heating. Make-up air units for industrial areas with heat recovery for operating economy.

Lever Brothers, Extension To Detergent Plant

  • Edgewater, New Jersey
  • Client: Eugene A. DeMartin, Architect

Three-story, 35,000 sq.ft. Plant. Industrial ventilation, process piping, and extension of total plant fire protection.

Stull Technologies

  • Somerset, New Jersey
  • Client: Stull Technologies, Inc.

New installation systems for mechanical and electrical support for relocated industrial production line. Production line included 47 different production machinery such as press and extruder with supporting system of chiller and compressed air. Machine and maintenance shop facilities to support the relocated production area equipment. Renovation of office space.

Howmet Corporation – D.S. Wax Production

  • Dover, New Jersey
  • Client: Howmet Corp.

Renovation to upgrade ventilation, make up air, and air-conditioning system for the 20,000 sqft of industrial production and laboratories area.

Nova Electronics

  • Allendale, New Jersey
  • Client: Nova Electronics Corp.

Facilities for electronic component production, 30,000 sqft development & test laboratories, assembly area engineering and administrative offices.

Theaters and T.V. Studios

Symphony Hall

  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Client: City of Newark

Renovation of ventilation and addition of air conditioning system. Two air cooled chillers, 320 tons total. Special sound attenuated air handling and distribution system to meet concert noise criteria.

T.V. Studio Channel 13 and 47

  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Client: New Jersey Broadcasting Corporation

Studio for major broadcasting of color, and black & white presentation. Special sound and air distribution designed to meet studio requirements. Total refrigeration capacity for air conditioning – 290 tons.

Sussex County Arts & Performance Center

  • Sussex County, New Jersey
  • Client: Fletcher Thompson

Theater with 330-seat capacity, special comfort, and special theater lighting system. Sustainable green building design that includes heat relief of high intensity theater lights prior to becoming cooling loads. Heat recovery for high volume ventilation air and dedicated humidity control system.

Industrial Parks

Nissan Motors

  • Piscataway, New Jersey
  • Client: Water Weiss, Architect

Warehouse facility of 180,000 sq.ft.; offices 28,000 sq.ft. And 12,000 sq.ft. Of service area. Economical construction. Heating and ventilating for warehouse and service facilities. Office areas air conditioned.

Pepsi Cola Bottling Company

  • Ardwick, Maryland
  • Client: Water Weiss, Architect

Office and warehouse facility consisting of 100,000 sq.ft., economical construction. Heating and ventilating for warehouse. Office areas air conditioned.

Corporate Park Lakewood

  • Lakewood, NJ
  • Client: Sudler Construction Corp

Seven (7) buildings, 600,000 sqft of warehouse and office type buildings.

Panel Graphics, Inc.

  • West Caldwell, New Jersey
  • Client: Panel Graphics, Inc.

Manufacturing facilities and offices consisting of 50,000 sq.ft. Special explosion proof construction, ventilation and make-up air system. Offices are air conditioned.

Department Stores & Supermarkets


  • Ridgewood, New Jersey
  • Client: Maslow and Miller, Architects

High grade specialty dress department store; 25,000 sq.ft.; individual heating and cooling units for each department; special lighting systems.


  • Union, New Jersey
  • Client: Rotwin and Blake, Architects

Renovation and conversion of the entire air conditioning system. Total of 120,000 sq.ft. Were involved. Refrigeration for air conditioning 400 tons. Economizer cycle and roof plenum ventilation designed for operating economy.

Home Depot

  • Lakewood, New Jersey
  • Client: Steiner Equities, Developer

Single story hardware and home renovation supplies store designed to corporate standards.

Home Depot

  • Paramus, New Jersey
  • Client: Regenthal Associates

Renovation of existing shopping center space to meet the tenant’s corporate requirements.

Sears Hardware Store

  • West Orange, New Jersey
  • Client: Rothe, Johnson, Fantacone, Architects

Set in a shopping center, this 36,000 sqft facility was designed to meet Sear’s national store standards.

Pathmark Exeter Township

  • Exeter Township, Pennsylvania
  • Client: Maslow and Miller, Architects

Large supermarket of 42,000 sq.ft. – refrigeration for air conditioning 120 tons. Economizer cycle.

Shop-Rite Lacey Township

  • Lacey Township, New Jersey
  • Client: Eugene A. DeMartin, Architect

Large supermarket of 30,000 sq.ft; hot gas reheat for humidity control; hot gas reheat for store heating and warming of cold isles accomplished by utilizing store fixture compressors. Refrigeration for air conditioning 65 tons. Economizer cycle.

Shop-Rite Supermarket

  • Kearny, New Jersey
  • Client: Regenthal Associates

Addition and renovation to existing supermarket.


Nursing Homes

Freehold Nursing Home

  • Freehold, New Jersey
  • Client: Morgan A. Davis, Architect

Nursing home of 180 beds including medical facilities, recreation areas, food preparation and laundry. Two boilers – oil fired, packaged terminal air conditioning units, nurses call stations, fire protection and emergency communications.

Buckingham Assisted Living

  • Monmouth, New Jersey
  • Client: Harold Kent, Architect

This 110 room assisted living care facility has full long term stay services including, community room, commercial kitchen, and dining room.

Assisted Living Care – Bridgewater

  • Bridgewater, New Jersey
  • Client: Robert Aulds, Architect

Seventy thousand square foot assisted care facility with 106 units that includes a community room, dining room, and commercial kitchen.

Houses of Worship & Religious Schools

Presbyterian Church Westfield

  • Westfield, New Jersey
  • Client: Vincentsen Associates, Architects

Total renovation and alteration to the Church’s Fellowship Hall, Sanctuary Choir practice rooms, and the entire educational building including a new air conditioning system. 15,600 square feet. $1.1 million project.

Bethany Baptist Church – Education Building

  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Client: Johnson Jones, Architects

Designed H.V.A.C., electrical, and plumbing systems. The existing church renovation including new day care center for children, a commercial kitchen, and a new addition of 37,000 square feet of classroom facilities and multi-purpose room. $5.9 million project.

Calvary Baptist Church

  • Patterson, New Jersey
  • Client: J. Robert Gilchrist, Architect

Church, classrooms and day care facilities consisting of 18,000 sq.ft.; refrigeration for air conditioning 60 tons; hot water heat individually zoned.

Presbytery of New York- Renovation of Office Space

  • New York, New York
  • Client: Edgar Tafel, Architect

Renovation of office space in the old Presbytery Building. A complex renovation in a landmark type building.

Bais Medrash – Rabbi Jacob Joseph School

  • Edison, New Jersey
  • Client: Rothe, Johnson, Fantacone, Architecture

Religious school, 18,000 sqft area in a three level structure including lounge and study hall.

Funeral Homes

Keane Funeral Home

  • Bronx, New York
  • Client: Lama and Vassalotti, Architects

Funeral home including public areas and special mortuary ventilation.

Hotels & Motels

Hyatt International Hotel

  • New Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Client: Py Vavra, Architect

One six-story hotel structure. Special challenge – systems to provide all required functions to meet Hyatt International’s high standards at the lowest possible cost. Solution: Multi-design solution separately evaluated and the most cost-effective solution used in the design. Special life safety smoke alarm systems.

    • Total number of rooms: 320
    • Atrium area: Two stories
    • Cost of Electrical Construction $1,750,000.00
    • Legal Owner: New Brunswick Development Corp.
    • Principal Engineering Contractor: Leslie S. Sterling

Holiday Inn

  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Client: Hillier Group, Architects

Hotel with 160 rooms, 13,000 sqft convention center, and restaurant.

Woodbridge Sheraton Expansion

  • Woodbridge, New Jersey
  • Client: Rothe Johnson Fantacone, Architect

New seven-story addition of seventy-seven guest rooms to existing hotel.

Days Inn Motel

  • Lexington, Kentucky
  • Client: Joseph Sbarro, Architect

Two-story motel structure with support area including central laundry. Special challenges – economical design.

    • Total number of rooms: 64
    • Cost of Electrical Construction: $198,400.00
    • Cost of Mechanical Construction: $256,000.00
    • Legal Owner: Days Inn, Inc.

Days Inn Motel

  • Danberry, Connecticut
  • Client: Joseph Sbarro, Architect

Four stories with partial basement motel structure with support areas and swimming pool. Special challenges – economical design. Solution: Utilization of our firm’s in-depth and extensive knowledge of the housing industry — most economical mechanical and electrical bidding documents were prepared.

    • Total number of rooms: 120
    • Cost of Electrical Construction: $360,000.00
    • Cost of Mechanical Construction: $444,000.00
    • Legal Owner: Days Inn, Inc.

Restaurants – Commercial Kitchens

Cafeteria and Kitchen – GPU

  • Morrison, New Jersey
  • Client: Kimmerle, Architects, P.A.

These renovations to the 6,200 sqft cafeteria and kitchen facilities at G.P.U.’s headquarters included innovative designs for the kitchen exhaust heat recovery and make up air systems.

Green Street Restaurant

  • Hamilton, New Jersey
  • Client: Darryl J. Gatarz, Architect

The Green Street is a large restaurant with a 7,500 sq.ft. Seating area and bar. Additional space for a full kitchen service was also provided. Our firm designed all the mechanical services for said restaurant including plumbing, fire protection and H.V.A.C. drawings and specifications. The restaurant also contained a large skylight area. Restaurant H.V.A.C. design included rooftop units in accordance with the restaurant thermal requirements.

Port Authority of New York / New Jersey Kitchen & Restaurant

  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Client: John Nacrosis, Architect

Aquarius Consulting Group designed a large cafeteria and food service area to service the personnel of the Port Authority of N.Y. & N.J. in their Technical Center on Erie Street, Jersey City, N.J. Our firm was responsible for complete mechanical and electrical design for said facilities.

Suburban Propane Corporate Headquarters Cafeteria & Kitchen

  • Whippany, New Jersey
  • Client: Lerman Design Group

Our firm was responsible for the design of complete mechanical and electrical design for Suburban Propane Headquarters office building which included cafeteria and a full service kitchen area.

AT&T Cafeteria & Kitchen

  • Middletown, New Jersey
  • Client: Jacob R. Block, Architect

Located in Middletown, N.J., this cafeteria and kitchen center was designed to accommodate the employees of the A.T.&T. Corporation, working within one million sq.ft. Complex at said location. Our firm was responsible for design of H.V.A.C. and plumbing services for said facility.

Continental Insurance Cafeteria & Kitchen

  • Piscataway, New Jersey
  • Client: Jacob R. Block, Architect

This stand-alone area was a link building connecting to office towers occupied by the Continental Insurance Company to service its employees. Our firm was responsible for the design of H.V.A.C. and plumbing services for said food complex.

The Excelsior Restaurant and Health Club

  • Hackensack, New Jersey
  • Client: Harold Kent, A.I.A.

An upscale restaurant located on the ground floor of a health club and restaurant complex. The restaurant has eighty seats and is complimented by contemporary decor and a large skylight. A separate kitchen, storage and service area is located in an adjacent building. Our firm has designed the water source heat pump system to service the restaurant, the health club and the adjacent public area of a nearby apartment building.

Franklin Township High School Cafeteria and Kitchen

  • Franklin Township, New Jersey
  • Client: Gatarz & Venezia, Architects

Completely renovated the cafeteria and kitchen space for the Franklin Township High School. The entire existing kitchen and cafeteria area was renovated with new kitchen equipment installed and a newly redecorated cafeteria area. Our design including the plumbing, fire protection and H.V.A.C. design for said areas.

McDonald’s Restaurant

  • New Jersey and New York
  • Client: Barrett Ginsberg, Architect

Our firm has designed (5) McDonald’s fast food restaurant complexes. They are located in White Plains, N.Y., Oyster Bay, N.Y., Newark Airport, N.J., Poughkeepsie, N.Y., and Long Branch, N.J.

Health Care Facilities

North Jersey Ambulatory Surgery Center

  • Hackensack, New Jersey

Class Bad C operating room. 6,700 square foot recovery center – embryology laboratories, doctor and nursing offices, examination and treatment rooms.

Paterson Health Care Center

  • Paterson, New Jersey

Public health care center, 21,000 sqft, 3 stories, with medical offices, diagnostic laboratories, and dental offices.

Surgery Center of East Brunswick

  • East Brunswick, New Jersey
  • Client: James Gaspari, Architect

Two story surgery center with class “B” operating rooms.

Metro Medical Center

  • Edison, New Jersey
  • Client: Roth, Johnson, Architects

Two story medical office and three story, 45,000 sqft building next door to JFK hospital.

Primary Care Center – Monroe

  • Monroe, New Jersey
  • Client: Roth, Johnson, Architects

The primary care center was designed in an existing shopping center, 3,400 sqft rental space.

Raritan Radiology Associates

  • Perth Amboy, New Jersey
  • Client: Lerman Associates Architects

Robert Wood Johnson off site radiology center including X-ray, mammography, and bone density scanning.

Women’s Health Care Center

  • Union, New Jersey
  • Client: Lerman Associates, Architects

Renovated 6,000 square foot facility with doctors’ examination rooms, laboratories, and new parking lot with lighting.

Midwise Medical Building

  • Middletown, New Jersey
  • Client: Lerman Associates, Architects

Off site doctor’s medical office associated with Bay-Shore hospital.

Webster Commons Medical Building

  • Verona, New Jersey
  • Client: Sionas Architecture P.C.

New medical office building, 7,000 sqft space for physician offices, examination rooms, and support offices.

Evergreen Once – Medical Service

  • Montclair, New Jersey
  • Client: Sionas Architecture P.C.

A three story medical building including operating room, three laser rooms, examination rooms, and office space.

Indoor Swimming Pools

Jewish Community Center – Middlesex County

  • Edison, New Jersey
  • Client: JCC Middlesex County

Replacement of existing environmental control system for the enclosed pool area. The specified equipment successfully met owner’s budget requirement while providing for a heat recovery feature that lowered the cost of replacement.

Excelsior Pool

  • Hackensack, New Jersey
  • Client: Harold Kent, Architect

Environmentally controlled indoor swimming pool serving a 400 apartment residence.

Atrium Pool

  • Fort Lee, New Jersey
  • Client: James DeBarbieri, Architect

Indoor swimming pool in the Atrium Building.

Mount Arlington Pool Club

  • Mount Arlington, New Jersey
  • Client: Roger C. Winkle, Architect

Club containing indoor swimming pool, health club, multi purpose room, lockers, and toilets, kitchen and large living room with fireplace.


Community Bank(s): Borough of Matawan, New Jersey Branch

  • Freehold, New Jersey
  • Client: Lerman Associates

Two banks, one a headquarter building and the other a branch of regional banks.

Community Centers

Salem Lafayette Community Center

  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Client: Johnson Jones, Architects

Two story 10,000 square foot community center.

Madison Area YMCA

  • Madison, New Jersey
  • Client: The Biber Partnership, Architects

Addition of 15,000 square feet and renovation of existing 25,000 square feett of community center facilities such as gym, assembly areas, locker rooms, lobby, and heavy lifting room.

Crestwood Manor

  • Manchestor, New Jersey
  • Client: Perez and Radosti, Architects

Addition to the community area including indoor pool, fitness, arts, lobby, and craft rooms. Renovation to the dining area, new kitchen and beauty salon.

Educational Facilities

Public School, PS #20

  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Client: SSP Architects

95,000 square foot public school facility including a gymnasium, cafeteria, auditorium, and classrooms – $29 million project.

Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Hoboken, New Jersey
  • Client: Ecoplan Architects

The Lawrence T. Babbio Center for Technology Management project includes classrooms, cafeteria, underground garage, and high technology classroom spaces – $35 million project. This is a five story structure on top of a 3 level garage area set to overlook the Manhattan skyline. This 80,000 square feet of learning center receives high pressure steam from the amp control boilers system.

Four story glass atrium with radiant floor heating and smoke evacuation system keeps its occupants comfortable and safe.
The building contains large circular shape lecture halls as well as numerous classrooms, cafeteria, student center, and offices. Fiber glass technology links all the buildings with the latest communication and data processing and it was installed to support the college technology management studies program.

Sussex County Community College Health Sciences and Performing Arts Building

  • Newton, New Jersey
  • Client: Fletcher Thompson, Architecture LLC

Set on the campus of the college, this structure is a 3 level, 29,000 sqft building. The building houses state of the art classrooms and theater stage facilities.- $8 million project.

Gibbs College

  • Livingston, New Jersey
  • Client: Gibbs College, Cushman Wakefield, Agent

Vocational college facility with office, multiple classrooms, and cafeteria. 125,000 square foot learning facility. Provided design of H.V.A.C., electrical, plumbing, and fire suppression systems. $20.9 million project.

Rutgers University Classroom and Office Building

  • Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Client: Eugene A. DeMartin, Architect

Classroom and office facility totaling 30,000 square feet; including refrigeration for air conditioning 100 tons.

New Providence Middle School and High School

  • New Providence, New Jersey
  • Client: The Hessberger Partnership, Architects

New additions of gym facility, music and art center, food preparation area and teachers’ lounge. The scope of work included designing the plumbing and HVAC systems. $11 million project.

Villa Walsh Brown Hall

  • Morristown, New Jersey
  • Client: James DeBarbieri, Architect

New building. 3 stories containing 14 classrooms, cafeteria and faculty rooms. The scope of work included designing the plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems. $14 million project.

New Providence High School

  • New Providence, New Jersey
  • Client: The Hessberger Partnership, Architects

Alteration and addition to twenty-five classrooms, auditorium, art and science workshop/laboratories, and a cafeteria. 56,000 square feet. Design work provided in the field of H.V.A.C., Plumbing, and electrical trades. $8.5 million project.

MLK Jr. #6 School

  • Passaic, New Jersey
  • Client: SSP Architects

36,000 square foot school addition with basement. The scope of work included designing the plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems. $11 million project.

A.W. Roberts Elementary School Addition

  • New Providence, New Jersey
  • Client: The Hessberger Partnership, Architects

Eight classrooms, auditorium/gymnasium, media center, and arts/sciences auxiliary spaces. 34,000 square feet with our firm providing the H.V.A.C., electrical, and plumbing design. $6.1 million project.

Salt Brook Elementary School

  • New Providence, New Jersey
  • Client: The Hessberger Partnership, Architects

Nine classrooms, 5 kindergarten classrooms. 18,500 square feet. Provided design of H.V.A.C., electrical and plumbing. $3.5 million project.

Newark High School of Science

  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Client: Eckert-Jones, Architects

Chemical laboratory facility 1,250 square feet. Provided H.V.A.C., plumbing, and electrical design. $350,000 project.

Shabazz High School

  • Newark, New Jersey
  • Client: PPE Engineering

Auditorium/Gymnasium design retrofit for new air conditioning system including the required electrical system. $350K project.

Club Kid Do

  • Montclair, New Jersey
  • Client: Oasis Architecture

20,000 square feet upscale innovative entertainment facility for kids.

Upper Middle School

  • Montgomery, New Jersey
  • Client: DomeTech Corp.

Boiler room renovation. Replacing existing boilers with new high efficiency (condensing) type boiler. Using innovative design domestic hot water generation.

East Quogue School

  • East Quoge, New York
  • Client: Savin Engineers

Boiler room renovation. Replacing existing steam boilers with new efficient boiler and upgrading their automatic operation.

Renewable Energy

Institute of Elecetrical and Elecronic Engineers (IEE)

  • Piscataway, New Jersey
  • Client: Solus Corp.

Design of solar photovoltaic electrical system with connections to the electrical grid.


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