The Greening Process, A Commitment to Excellence

Every design professional knows how to design energy efficient building systems. True, some do it better than others. Very few design professionals know how to or take the time that is required to design cost effective, energy efficient, low maintenance buildings.

We have been designing energy efficient systems since 1979. We were short listed as renewable energy consultants to the government of Costa Rica. Working with a Global Community of engineers and scientists, we have created working alliances to advance the design of mechanical systems for the conservation of water and energy efficiency features using water recycling and natural resources (solar).

As exceptional integrators, we are uniquely positioned to make a deep impact on the successful design and operation of buildings pursuing the greening process according to the LEED program. Rafael Rubinstein, PE is a LEED accredited professional.

We make the distinction between energy efficient systems and obtaining the best energy rates from the utility companies by using rebates, state incentives including grants and deregulation.

At Aquarius Consulting Group, we are aware of the maintenance cost component for systems that we design. As such, we develop the systems and strategies to minimize these costs a. Aquarius Consulting Group professionals are aware of the process of energy deregulation and to role of specialized companies ESCO(S) that will capitalize off this aspect of our economy, brining lower utility costs without an increase in construction first cost. Only with the successful integration of all of these aspects can long term success be assured. This success, however, can be only made possible with the support and commitment to excellence also made by our clients and other professionals. We look very carefully at our clients’ intentions to meet their financial commitments. Excellent work by the Aquarius Consulting Group in conjunction with fair compensation by our clients creates win-win results.