Our Process

Client Communications & Quality Control

We have developed a method to engage and understand our client’s needs. The method is known as the ALVA method. We ASK all the right questions to gain an insight of our clients’ needs. We LISTEN to our clients’ narrative, questions and answers. We VERIFY and make sure that we understand fully the project’s objectives and intent. Only then, we ACT to move into the design stage of any project. We have learned over the years that construction cost is always a major consideration. Through our experience in contracting and estimating we make sure that our designs do not exceed the assigned budgets, thus, reducing the need to “value engineer” a design after it has been bid.

Furthermore, our experience and quality control is so high and fully incorporated in the bidding documents that we seldom experience “change orders’ that are a result of design inconsistencies.

Keeping Things Simple

Simple solutions have a better chance of adequately solving problems. Our team uses the ALVA principle in conjunction with the best mechanical and electrical engineering services available. We define best as exceeding present available levels of good engineering services to achieve excellence. We do this by expert partnering and studio affiliation. This allows us to draw on the best talent pool in our industry in a manner that fits the individual project and provide superior simple award-winning designs.

This partnering process is a relationship that is extended equally to our clients. Aquarius Consulting Group is committed to share the accumulated wisdom of our experience with our clients, or as we call you in our organization, our “special partner.”