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Company Overview:
For over three decades Aquarius Consulting Group has delivered innovative and energy efficient MEP solutions. We balance innovation with practicality. Creative foresight and expertise in design enhances the bottom line.  The results speak for themselves.

Aquarius Consulting Group provides our clients with the most advanced expert service tailored specifically to each project and client’s needs. We offer:

  • Innovative experience
  • Excellent solutions balanced between cost and efficiencies
  • Designs that solve today’s challenges and meet the needs of tomorrow with best technologies

As John Hagal, management Consultant and author of the book “Shift idea” states “…there are far more smart people outside any one organization than inside. The more your company can create new knowledge, the more it will thrive.”

Aquarius Consulting Group will meet any challenge with the smartest assets available anywhere. We know who they are. We dedicate significant resources in both time and money to keep abreast of technological advances created by the “smartest” engineers, contractors and manufacturers. We use their services on behalf of your project as a way of doing our business.

A cadre of professional engineers licensed in multiple states each with over 20 years of experience is the backbone of Aquarius Consulting Group. Each of our engineers is capable of stepping into the shoes of another as conditions and events demand.

Every project has its own challenges, and those challenges excite us and motivate us to create the best design ideas and implement them using the most knowledgeable resources available anywhere.

Mission Statement

We at Aquarius consulting Group are solutions oriented engineers and consultants with a clear vision of using available technologies effectively. We integrate these technologies to create economical, sustainable high performance buildings. There are many hurdles to this integrative path. We understand them, and rise to a new level of design achievement in order to meet this challenge.

We believe that the level of technologies available to the design and implementation of buildings’ mechanical and electrical systems have completely overrun the process of Design Construct and Maintain the building and to support them. We, therefore, provide leadership and step into the proposition that our knowledge is most important to most projects.

We at Aquarius Consulting Group are dedicated, experienced professionals set on improving the process of new high performance buildings or upgrading existing building systems with the applicable technological advances.

We at Aquarius Consulting Group are committed to design and construction retrofit of high performance buildings always seeking an economical way to build and maintain them so that viable returns on investment (ROI) plan for the owners are achieved and occupants’ expectations are maintained.

On a daily basis, we watch our national narrative for higher energy efficiency opportunities that offer energy conservation rebates, and tax incentives as provided by Federal, State and local utilities.

These rebates, tax incentives, and low cost loans are always used to the fullest extent in our economical analysis. Our analysis includes life cycle cost figures, and recommendations for any viable project.